Screenshot Wild Shark Rescue Simulator – Escape Fish Hunter

Wild Shark Rescue Simulator – Escape Fish Hunter

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Added: 02/23/2016

Two words of its title are accurate
Funny for a moment
Funny not fun
Bad controls and movement
Looks awful
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Help me! I am being hunted by a horrible shark game

Wild Shark Rescue Simulator – Escape Fish Hunter is a game that is laughably bad. But, because you are at least laughing, there is some fun to be had.

Become one with the shark

Perhaps the best way to approach the concept of Wild Shark Rescue Simulator – Escape Fish Hunter is to dissect its name.

Wild – this only works in conjunction with the Shark, because the action is in no way wild in the positive, slang-sense of the word.

Shark – yes, you do defiantly control a shark from the third-person (third-shark?) perspective. And, to refer to my previous point, it is Wild as you are forced to swim uncomfortably dull, large expanse of open water to get from one target to the next.

Rescue – There is not really any rescuing… of your shark at least. Your goal is only to hunt down unfortunate boaters and swimmers. There are the occasional hunters that scan the water for you, so technically you could be rescued from them. Mostly though, you just eat them too.

Simulator –I have double checked this. Sharks don’t have to keep swimming, but if they do they sink. However, your shark can stop on a dime and just sit there. It’s also really slow, and corners like a bus. All of which makes me feel that this does not accurately simulate the movement of one of the planets most deadly predators.

It’s not looking good for Jaws

Escape – There is little need to escape anything as your fishy avatar. You chew through most things with blood-soaked ease, and - I suspect if you really wanted to - you could just dive and disappear into the open see. No, this is your rampage, and - ignoring the general poor grammar of the title as a whole – I can’t help but feel it is everyone else in the vicinity that should be doing the escaping.

Fish – Yes, technically a shark is a fish. If you are keeping count, that makes two words accurate so far.

Hunter – As a shark, you certainly are a hunter. However, I suspect that here the word is meant to refer to a person who hunts fish… like a fisherman. But I can’t imagine anyone who actually hunts sharks being content with the name “fish hunting” as a description of their activates.

It also worth noting that the whole things looks like a badly upresed Nintendo 64 game.

At least its free

Look, there is nothing… and I do mean nothing… good about Wild Shark Rescue Simulator – Escape Fish Hunter. From the weird movement of the shark, to the dated graphics and generic synth music that plays over the action - it’s just bad.

But it is free, and weird enough to make you smile for a few minutes when you are playing it. If you are intrigued and want to give it a go, I won’t hold it against you.