Screenshot Talking Tom Bubble Shooter

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter

10,000,000 - 50,000,000 downloads

Added: 01/14/2016

Adorable aesthetics
Sticker system
Play solo or multiplayer
Expert's Review

Enjoy a sparkling affair with Tom and friends

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is a color bubble game with a simple gimmick: you play as the talkative cat Tom and his friends, including the kitten Angela.

Bubble Witch… cat edition

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble shooter in the Bubble Witch Saga mold. Your mission is to clear the screen of bubbles that are hanging from the top of the screen by creating groups of three or more of the same color to make them fall.

Like any shooter, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter features a selection of power-ups which can help you complete levels. You can earn some of these, but if you want to use them regularly to get through harder levels you can expect the game to make you pay for them through in-app purchases.

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter can be played alone or in multiplayer, which pits you against other users in real time: the first of the two clearance level turn wins.

The Outfit7 touch

You see, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter does not innovate in the bubble shooter genre. Instead where it stands out is in the wonderful presentation the creators of Talking Tom are known for. All of which can be seen in the levels, bosses, characters, and collectible stickers rewarded in game.

The desire to collector the stickers for every one of the lovable characters (which unlock the characters to use in levels) is incredibly strong – all pointing to that special Outfit7 appeal.

For fans of Tom

At its heart, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is just another connect 3 game to be tossed on the ever increasing pile of derivatives. If you've played others games in the vein this will do nothing to surprise you - but if you love to Tom, Angela, and all their fluffy friends, you may enjoy this adventure.