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Polo: RPG

10,000,000 - 50,000,000 downloads

Added: 08/31/2015


Sprites are nice
Basic combat still works

A cheap rip-off
Riddled with bugs
All positives are lifted from a better game
Expert's Review

Polo: RPG - A.K.A. There’s a reason we pay for nice things

Let’s be honest, no one who downloads Polo: RPG is doing it on its own merits. It shamelessly copies one of Nintendo’s greats, Pokemon, and offers up a disgustingly diluted reinterpretation of it.

Only offering combat from the "source material", the monsters and menu-based battles are instantly familiar. Somehow though, it can't even rip it off properly, with sprites sinking through both the floor and menu.

There is a reason Pokemon is popular and pricey: it’s great - don't cheapen it with this.

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