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Added: 04/19/2014


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Simple to turn on and off
Provides constant, steady beam of light
S.O.S signal

Few flashlight features
Expert's Review

Use your Windows Phone as a flashlight

Flashlight-X is a simple application that turns your Windows Phone device into a flashlight.

The app uses your phone's camera flash to provide a constant beam of light. As the developer sets out in its pitch on the Marketplace, Flashlight-X isn't a gimmicky flashlight app - it only does the bare minimum: to provide a beam of light.

Flashlight-X serves its function very well without any noticeable flickering. Launch the app and your flash will immediately be turned on. From there you can switch the light on and off either using the big power button in the app, or by pressing your camera button. There's an S.O.S button that relays the distress signal in Morse code.

There aren't many special features in Flashlight-X, but if you want a simple tool to light your way in the dark, it's a good choice.