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Added: 06/13/2014


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Easy access to the main Facebook functions
Upload photos directly from your device
Updates in real time

Lacks many features of Facebook
Jerky scrolling
Expert's Review

Facebook at your fingertips

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 allows you to update your Facebook profile, check messages, follow your news feed, update your status and more.

The Windows Phone Facebook application offers a convenient way to stay in touch. You can perform many of the essential functions of the social network, such as posting your status, accessing and sending messages, reading friends' updates and more.

The user interface of Facebook for Windows Phone looks a lot more elegant than other mobile versions of the application, and lets you quickly thumb through the various Facebook features to interact with the site and view photos.

Facebook for Windows Phone 7 is far from perfect, though. Scrolling through updates is very jerky in the version we tried, and this takes lots of the enjoyment out of using the app. The application is also missing many Facebook features, such as chat, deleting friends, liking comments, accessing groups, and more. If you're a power user of Facebook, therefore, we suggest you try the mobile version of the site, rather than this more limited application version.

Overall, the Facebook app makes for a quick way to access basic functions, but it lacks in advanced options.