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Added: 04/19/2014


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Colorful graphics
Simple controls
Realistic archery simulation
Two-player mode

No Xbox Live support
Single-player mode soon gets boring
Needs more backgrounds
Expert's Review

Take aim in this realistic archery sim

Archer is an archery game for Windows Phone devices that requires a steady aim to score as many points as possible.

There are 2 game modes in Archer. The single-player mode is a series of challenges where you need to score a certain number of points within a set time in order to keep going. The number of points you score depends on where on the board your arrow lands, of course.

There's also a local 2-player mode in Archer, where you can go head to head with a friend. You get 10 turns each and the one with the most points at the end is the winner. Unfortunately, there's no Xbox Live integration with Archer, so this is as far as multiplayer goes.

The controls in Archer are simple enough in theory. You pull down on the screen to pull back the bow, move your finger to aim, then release to let go. Although the idea is simple, in reality you don't feel like you have much control.

Graphically, Archer is OK. It's bright and colorful and the physics are pretty realistic. However, it could do with some different backgrounds to retain interest in the game.

Archer is a fun timewaster for a while, but the lack of online multiplayer and the limited appeal of the single-player mode make it one you'll probably uninstall before long.

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